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Freedoms of expression, association and assembly are virtually non-existent. Victims and witnesses are the targets of reprisals. The experts cannot exclude that some instances of these gross human rights violations amount to crimes against humanity, and urge for independent international judicial processes to bring the alleged perpetrators to justice.

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Active investigations ceased at the end of June By letter dated 11 January , the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights OHCHR informed the Government about the appointment of the experts, and proposed a framework of four country visits by the experts, and the deployment of observers on the ground. The Government did not respond to the request for the first visit, which consequently did not take place.

Visits took place from1 to 8 March and from 13 to 17 June The scheduled last visit September , could not take place because of security considerations. The experts requested the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, whose office is the repository of the archives of UNIIB, to grant access to information for purposes of accountability, where confidentiality and protection concerns have been addressed to relevant accountability mechanisms. Additionally, UNIIB has compiled a list of alleged perpetrators who were repeatedly named by victims and witnesses as responsible for gross human rights violations, to be shared with such mechanisms.

UNIIB thanks the Government for its cooperation in relation to the country visits and the deployment of the Secretariat. At the same time, UNIIB faced several challenges, including the fact that two of its four planned visits could not be carried out. Some victims and witnesses feared reprisals. Because of the reported presence of, and surveillance by, agents of the intelligence service and members of the ruling party youth wing, UNIIB refrained from carrying out investigations at some sites to protect witnesses and victims.

While the initial access of UNIIB to government officials was relatively good, this deteriorated over time. Several government officials said they were not in a position to provide information, but would do so in writing afterwards. By letter dated 19 July , the experts requested specific questions to the Government, with a follow-up dated 1 September The last letter also offered technical capacity to document the alleged mass graves. Regrettably, no response was received until the day when the report was completed. The response consisted in a blanket denial of all violations.

Despite the constraints, UNIIB was able to collect and verify a sufficient amount of information to substantiate its conclusions. ReliefWeb has been the leading online source for reliable and timely humanitarian information on global crises and disasters since You can choose to make a confidential or anonymous submission. All other submissions will be made public. We will publish them and the name of the author on this website. A list of people who made public submissions will also be published in the report of the review, which will be tabled in Parliament. Material in public submissions may be quoted in the report of the review and we may say who made that statement in the report.

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EPC - European Policy Centre - Independent think tank

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