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The Original Folktales And Urban Legends That Inspired ‘Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark’

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The Big Book of Urban Legends

Superheroes, etc. Slay, Monstrobot of the Deep!! Trouble with Comics. Even Ann Landers and Dear Abby have been taken in by these stories repeatedly, so there's comfort in being anything but alone in such activities.

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Reading more deeply, many of these stories reveal uncomfortable truths about race relations, gender politics, and religion, particularly in the United States, and therein lies some of their value; the psychological importance of these urban legends cannot be underestimated, particularly as Black Lives Matter and the International Women's March gain popularity and footing within the culture as well. Ultimately, as an introduction to Brunvand's oeuvre, The Big Book of Urban Legends is an excellent starting point, and as an introduction to the Big Books to come, it's just as useful.

Sep 23, tony dillard jr rated it really liked it. Urban legends. We've all heard of these stories. Whether we've told these stories around a glowing campfire or heard that these really happened to a friend of a friend , our culture is filled with these stories. Some tales have were born from a bit of truth. Others are steeped in our fears or prejudices.

But no matter where these urban legends came from, they've become a little bit of a guilty pleasure of mine. I found the Big Book of Urban Legends in a bargain bin in one of my favorite local comics shops. I've been a fan of the Big Book series, published by now defunct DC Comics imprint Paradox Press, for quite some time and when I can find one to complete my collection, I rarely hesitate to own one. Maybe I'm biased but this one just happened to have a little bit of a special history for me. My mother, a lover of Gothic horror in her own right, just happened to own a trio of books devoted to urban legends and these books coincidentally were written by Brunvand!

I remember one rainy weekend that I found my mom's copies and read them- no I devoured them! Some were scary. Some were weird. Some were even titillating. But above all, they were all captivating. As a result, I became a fan of urban legends and this was a fun trip down memory lane for me in a way. This collection features dozens of artists who tackled their favorite myths. Legends such as Joe Orlando, Dick Giordano, and Keith Griffin are just some of the talent found in this volume of over different legends. Even this Madman's fan favorite Fred Hembeck illustrates a yarn about a car enthusiast and his jealous wife.

The Big Book of Urban Legends was a fun read.

The Big Book of Urban Legends - PDF Free Download

The only problem I have with it is that I didn't wait until closer to Halloween to read it and October just seems to me to be the perfect time to read urban legends and myths. But let's be honest folks, stories like the Vanishing Hitchhiker in which someone picks up a lonely girl on the side of a road only to learn she died years earlier, are NOT urban legends. Those are ghost stories and they deserved their own Big Book.

"Love Pond" // A Korean Urban Legend "The Boy Who Didn't Show Up." -- Gacha Life ~ Ep. 2

But hey, it's still fun to read and maybe get a little freaked out. May 07, Bradley rated it really liked it. Fun, quick, fun graphic novel for all the sickos out there. I dare you to think up another Urban Legend that's not in this book. It's that comprehensive. Great art by plethora of graphic artists. And fun, entertaining writing basically one page equals one urban legend made this a very fun book to read. I could see this book being made into quick 15 minute shorts. You'd have enough quality stories to last at least two seasons on television.

I was so moved by this book that I'm also going to che Fun, quick, fun graphic novel for all the sickos out there. Check er out. Jun 06, Trin rated it liked it Shelves: graphicnovel , folklore. A variety of artists provide graphic interpretations of famous urban legends as collected by Brunvand, whose books, starting with The Vanishing Hitchhiker , I find entirely too addicting. Depending on the artist, these versions are also fun, but I miss Brunvand's analysis and the variations of the stories—their evolution—that he provides.

I'd recommend the more in-depth writings instead. View 1 comment. Aug 16, Melissa rated it it was ok Shelves: young-adult , sucktastic , graphic , short-story , partly-read , reluctant-readers. This would be a great choice for the reluctant reader which is how it earned the second star , but it was really terrible for me. However, most of the writing within the comics was really awful. The only vignette I really enjoyed was the first one, which framed the urban legend with a Freudian commentary. That cracked me up. Jul 03, Helen rated it it was ok. These are good, but a little disappointing after you've already read Jan Brunvand's other books and are hoping to see something really new or different on Urban Legends.

The books, Vnaishing Hitchhiker, Choking Doberman, etc. Still, this is a fun way to waste an afternoon. Jan 17, Jonathon Jones rated it liked it Shelves: fiction. This book is decent as far as it goes, but the problem is that they try to cram too many legends into the book, the result of which is that a lot of the stories are much shorter than they should be.

It makes most of the stories much less interesting than they normally are. But it was entertaining nonetheless. I am fond of comic books among other genres. One page per notoriusly well known urban legend was just right. Artwork was not pretty but it was fitting to the stories which ranges between horror and comedy.

Life is bitch and the human mind made it clear in those modern legend. No matter what each era has its own legends, which shows fears and longings of the generarion. Oct 06, Pinko Palest rated it liked it. The one bit I found tiring was the very first part, concerning cars. Jul 29, T. Smith rated it it was amazing Shelves: graphic. Jan Brunvand has written several books on urban legends, so it's no surprise he'd be involved in this volume.

Jan 07, Laura Cushing rated it it was amazing. Entertaining graphic novel with urban legends. Many I had heard before, but some were new and surprising. A lot of fun and nice to see all the different illustration styles of the many comic artists who contributed to the book. Will seek out others in the series.