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  1. Consequentialism, egoism, and the moral law | SpringerLink
  2. Moral Theories
  3. Kantian Consequentialism of D. Cummiskey and D. Parfit versus the Autonomy of the Subject

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For all persons, each person is required to do of the available actions what will bring about the most good. The consequentialist thus holds that for any given case, the act that leads to the best results is the appropriate act to perform what I am going to do , and the ultimate reason why it is the right act to perform is the very fact that it leads to the best results why I am going to do it. Consequentialist Maxim: I will act in the way that promotes the best results overall, because acting in this way will produce the best results overall.

Does the consequentialist maxim pass FUL? FUL: Act only according to that maxim by which you can at the same time will that it should become a universal law. Universalization: Everyone act in the way that promotes the best results overall, because acting in this way will produce the best results overall. Contradiction in Conception?

Consequentialism, egoism, and the moral law | SpringerLink

A world where everyone promotes the overall good is not a world that makes bringing about the best results overall ineffectual. On the contrary, it makes it easier. The consequentialist maxim would thus not be self-defeating if universalized. Contradiction in Willing?

Moral Theories

This volume treats the consequentialist challenge to Kantian ethics in several novel ways. To begin with, the utilitarian version of consequentialism is delineated and defended by means of a conceptual device dubbed by the author as the Consequentialist Continuum. Marks then provides an exhaustive and definitive exposition of the relatively neglected Epistemic Objection to utilitarianism.

Kant's Non-Consequentialism - Andrew Chignell

Kantianism is then introduced as a viable alternative account of our ethical obligations. Marks argues that Kantianism is well within the scope of normal human competence and conforms equally well to our ethical intuitions once the theoryOs proper interpretation is appreciated. However, KantOs own version must be extended to accommodate the rightful moral consideration we owe to nonhuman animals.

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  • Kantian Consequentialism.
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  • Kantian Consequentialism;
  • Finally, Marks employs the notion of a Consequentialist Illusion to explain utilitarianismOs hold on our moral intuitions, while developing a form of Consequentialist Kantianism to address them. An original and penetrating examination of a central debate in moral philosophy, this book will be of interest to philosophical ethicists, upper-level and graduate philosophy students, and the intellectual reading public.

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    Kant might argue that telling the truth is a perfect duty the Nazi has a right not to be lied to while helping others is an imperfect duty the Jew hasn't a right to be helped. But many would find this answer appalling. Of course one should lie to the Nazi.

    Kantian Consequentialism of D. Cummiskey and D. Parfit versus the Autonomy of the Subject

    Replies :. For example, one might say that telling a lie involves not only intentionally telling a falsehood but doing so to a person who has the right to be told the truth. Since one may argue that the Nazi has no right to know the truth. The fisherman is not lying to him. Insensitivity to the good. Difficulty in addressing conflicts between two perfect duties or two imperfect duties.


    For example, I have a perfect duty to tell the truth and also a perfect duty not to harm you. But what if telling the truth will harm you? For K. But many actions may be the result of organizations or movements without any clear decisional structure, and yet we would want to say that such actions are moral or immoral. Note that Util. Non-consequentialist theories Non-consequentialist theories claim that what we ought to do does not depend on the consequences of our actions. Acting for the sake of duty is not merely acting in accordance with duty.

    The shopkeeper example. Note also that acting out of sympathy or love does not rise to the level of morality K. Give an adequate formulation of the universal maxim M embodied in your action. If only one of M and N is pragmatically self-defeating, then that one is an immoral maxim and its contrary is obligatory.