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Erotic Tales - Lesbian Encounters

The content of this article is not exclusively lesbian, so the title is inappropriate. Usage of "lesbian" as an adjective to describe an encounter where the identity of the people is not known is a form of bisexual erasure. This is why the term " same-sex marriage " is used rather than "gay marriage".

The reasoning is that a sex act should not be used to define someone else's identity. I know many men who would bristle at the suggestion that they were in a "gay relationship", and many women who would object to being described as having had "lesbian sex".

9 Best Sexy, Erotic Lesbian Sex Stories That Will Make You Orgasm | YourTango

People are gay, culture may be lesbian, but to define behaviour as such is erroneous. Saying that "it's perfectly valid" doesn't make it so. Please educate yourself at Bisexual Resource Center or at Bialogue before dismissing these concerns outright.

A good example is the rejection of Joie de Vivre's earlier proposal to move "Sexual intercourse" to "Vaginal intercourse". There have been a similar rejection of proposals by others to retitle Sex-positive feminism a term that's in common use, but one that radical feminists don't like and Anti-semitism commonly understood to mean Jew-hating, but a usage that's disliked by many Arabs. The reason, of course, is that to go from common usage to a usage favored only by a particular political or religious group flies in the face of WP:NPOV. I'll also point of that the kind of campaign that your on to favor anti-sexist and anti-heterocentric usage or common usage is change that would need to take place at the level of Wikipedia policy and you really should be directing your energies there.

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Your approach of imposing your particular linguistic usage article by article is highly disruptive and strikes me as disrupting Wikipedia to illustrate a point. Iamcuriousblue , 6 March UTC. Until recently, the term "girl-girl" redirected to this page, logically in my opinion, since one of the major topics of this article is depictions of lesbian sex in contemporary pornography.

User:Joie de Vivre has been changing the redirect to Pornography , using the rather strange reasoning that since this article also covers lesbian-oriented erotica in art and literature, the redirect is not appropriate. Her reasoning can be seen at the history page for Girl-girl.

My contention is this article is about lesbian depictions in both historical erotica and contemporary pornography, the redirect is appropriate. And honestly, I have to question JdV's motivations for doing this. This user is noticeably upset at my reversions to some of her edits and has been acting in a retaliatory manner since then. Also, the changes JdV proposed to this article didn't go his or her way, and now JdV is directing links away from this article.

That strikes me as pretty questionable.

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I've taken this matter to mediation. In the meantime, I wouldn't mind having some more input on the Girl-girl redirect issue. Iamcuriousblue , 8 March UTC. I think there should be a full list, or at laest a sample list, of lesbian porn movies. This badly needs a literature section. Can't do it myself though. You wrote me a message saying "one of the core policies of Wikipedia is that articles should always be written from a neutral point of view.

It appears you have not followed this policy at Lesbianism in erotica.

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  • Please always observe our core policies. Thank you. I'm sorry to tell you - these viewpoints that WERE expressed here were those of a straight male viewpoint, and were not neutral, either. I notice that you are male - and therefore are biased to the opinions that were originally stated here. You cannot possibly understand views from a lesbian point of view, and therefore, cannot possibly make the judgment that my comments were anything other than neutral - one has to have a neutral standpoint to do so, eh?

    I will take this issue up with Wikipedia. Lesbian pornography dwarfs gay pornography and makes the latter seem miniscule. It needs an article in its own right. And probably it should be, unless anyone can figure out criteria for inclusion that would be practical.

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    It should be replaced with one of better quality and in full color-- Nsgaw talk , 30 July UTC. This article is completely uninformative. I am doing a report on the history of lesbian images in pulp literature, and erotica and there is nothing here that sheds any light on this peculiar phenomenon. It may be obvious to the straight men who wrote the article as to why lesbianism is so erotic to men, but this article doesn't provide any context.

    Why is female homosexuality so acceptable in the west when it comes to pornography?

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    And yet male homosexuality is absent from most erotica aimed at straight men. The answer of course to so many of you seems OBVIOUS but there is much more historical basis for men participating in homosexual acts in all cultures see the article on Pederasty than women participating in the same acts.

    Lesbian erotic story: read Comings and Goings

    So why is it that after Christianity became dominant in the west that male homosexuality became so taboo and yet female homosexuality began creeping into erotic works? Why does so much lesbianism in vintage pornography usually deal with an older woman raping or seducing a young naive girl? Could lesbianism in porn be a way for heterosexual men to safely explore homosexuality without having to think "gay" thoughts?

    Could lesbianism in porn be a way for heterosexual men to safely explore being another gender without being considered a sissy? Come on so-called experts! I am not an expert here but this article does nothing to educate or enlighten. Why is this form of sex so popular in the west but considered a fetish in Japan and the East? And if heteroseuxal men are more comfortable with images of two women than a man and a woman why is it that in spite of the cited source that Gangbang and extreme pornography often dealing with large penises, black men with white women, gangbang porn etc outsell lesbian porn.

    Ok it doesn't help that I cannot cite a source other than my time working as a clerk at an adult video store. Our all girl porn section was very very small and none of the titles where ever on the best seller list This is a very fascinating subject and this article does not do it justice. Can we get a true expert writing here please?

    I wouldn't give this outcome such a weight and even begin the article with the claim that heterosexual men are more aroused watching women on women. The number of subjects in this study was really small and statical significans for this part of the outcome wasn't enormous. I don't want to judge this study, but I'd think that it's far too little evidence as to give it such a weight right at the beginning of the whole article. The article reads as if it was a "fact", which it isn't yet at least.

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    I would like to add new sections under the Lesbian Pornography section. By: EDEN. Narrated by: Eden. Length: 9 hrs and 48 mins. Categories: Erotica , Fiction. Publisher's Summary Twenty-five hot girl on girl sex shorts stories. What members say. Amazon Reviews.

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    No Reviews are Available. Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Erotic Tales is a series of naughty, erotic tales published in multiple volumes. This volume 'Lesbian Encounters' includes three naughty tales of steamy lesbian encounters. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , 33 pages. Published first published August 12th More Details Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Erotic Tales - Lesbian Encounters , please sign up.

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