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  1. (DOC) A HISTORY OF CAMBODIA: Fourth Edition. By David P. Chandler | Eve Zucker -
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Over the next four centuries, Cambodia became a small Buddhist kingdom dependent on the goodwill of its neighbors, Thailand and Vietnam, In the midth century, conflict between these kingdoms spilled onto Cambodian soil, and Cambodia almost disappeared. In the Cambodian king, fearful of Thai intentions, asked France to provide protection for his kingdom.

(DOC) A HISTORY OF CAMBODIA: Fourth Edition. By David P. Chandler | Eve Zucker -

France kept Cambodia from being swallowed up, but the protectorate developed into a full-scale colonial relationship that the king had not foreseen. French rule lasted until the s, and was less harsh than in neighboring Vietnam. The Khmer elite was treated well and French policies had a relatively light impact on the population, while improvements in infrastructure strengthened the economy and brought Cambodia to the edges of the developed world. France's greatest contribution to Cambodia was probably its restoration of the temples at Yasodharapura. French scholars deciphered Angkorean inscriptions and rebuilt many of the temples, providing Cambodians with a glorious, precisely dated past that had been largely forgotten.

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After Cambodia gained its independence from France, it entered a short period of peace and prosperity which many older Khmer now look back on as a golden age. By the late s, however, Cambodia was drawn inexorably into the Vietnam War.

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In , Communist forces, known to the outside world as Khmer Rouge or Red Khmers, overthrew the pro-American regime that had seized power five years before. In the Khmer Rouge era that followed , at least 1. Responding to Cambodian attacks, Vietnam invaded Cambodia in and established a protectorate there that lasted for 10 years. Under peace agreements signed in Paris in , Cambodia came under United Nations protection for a time in preparation for general elections that were held in Since then, Cambodia has been a constitutional monarchy ruled by a coalition government that has accepted large infusions of foreign aid.

In Cambodia became a member of ASEAN, and became for the first time, after centuries of isolation, a full-fledged member of the Southeast Asian community. Cambodia: A Historical Overview. By David Chandler Cambodia's history is marked with periods of peace and of great calamity. Additional Background Reading on Southeast Asia. New Strategies Needed for Teacher Recruitment.

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Cambodian genocide, सबसे बर्बर और हत्यारा में से एक Khmer Rouge & Pol Pot's regime

Praised by the Journal of Asian Studies as an ''original contribution, superior to any other existing work'', this acclaimed text has now been completely revised and updated to include material examining the early history of Cambodia, whose famous Angkorean ruins now attract more than one million tourists each year, the death of Pol Pot, and the revolution and final collapse of the Khmer Rouge. The fourth edition reflects recent research by major scholars as well as Chandler's long immersion in the subject and contains an entirely new section on the challenges facing Cambodia today, including an analysis of the current state of politics and sociology and the increasing pressures of globalization.

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This comprehensive overview of Cambodia will illuminate, for undergraduate students as well as general readers, the history and contemporary politics of a country long misunderstood. Seller Inventory AAZ Book Description Westview Press , Brand new book, sourced directly from publisher. Dispatch time is working days from our warehouse.

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A History of Cambodia / Edition 4

Dispatch time is hours from our warehouse. Not Signed; In this clear and concise volume, author David Chandler provides a timely overview of Cambodia, a small but increasingly visible Southeast Asian nation. Praised by the Journal of Asian Studies as an original contribution, superior to any other existing work, this acclaimed text has now been comp. Book Description Westview Press, Book Description Routledge, New Book. Delivered from our UK warehouse in 4 to 14 business days. Established seller since Seller Inventory LQ Condition: NEW.

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