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1. Fans celebrate obsessive behavior by players.
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Being new to the sector means you can bring a fresh perspective on the topics of a conference just asking questions. However, do not ask too many questions as people often go to events to have some relaxed networking time and don't necessarily want to be your personal life coach. As a rule of thumb be curious, polite and genuine and you will spark up interesting conversations.

If you are on your own and don't know anyone at the event, don't worry. If you explain to people you are on your own and would you mind if you were to join their group or conversation most people will be happy to indulge you as they have also been in that situation before themselves.

However, if two people are facing each other having an intense conversation then it is probably best not to interrupt them as they may be having a private conversation. If you have heard someone speak and enjoy, agree or even disagree with what they said, I would encourage you to tell them; and, if you have any questions, either ask them there or ask if you could contact them in the future. If you walk in a room and don't know what to do, go and grab a drink of some kind. I used to go through the process of getting a hot drink or glass of wine for evening events ; at every event I would attend as a way to give me more time to compose myself and deal with my anxiety about being in a room full of people, strangers, who I often held in high regard.

This was a great way to stop questioning why I was actually there in the first place, after all what do I have to offer as a relative novice in sports law?! Later I realised most people just want to meet people who have a genuine interest in the topic or sector which is especially true of sports. However, I still use the technique to bring me into the present moment.

If you don't have a business card remember that you can always connect with anyone you meet on LinkedIn or just ask for their card or email address.

A Career In Sports Advice from Sports Business Leaders

If you have a question at an event don't be scared to ask; there is a good chance other people want to know the same thing as you do. The worst thing that can happen is you ask question that is answered quickly or dismissed and then everyone will forget about it and move onto the next question or topic being discussed. For background it took me a good few years to build up the courage to ask questions at conferences as I was always worried how I would be judged.

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Eventually I just had to bite the bullet and put my hand up, calm my breathing, take a breath and ask my question. It then took about two years before I had overcome the anxiety around this. I am glad to say that have since gone on to chair, speak at and run international conference. The main point is that no one is going to do it for you, so now or later you will have to deal with being uncomfortable if you ultimately want be more involved in meaningful discussions and at the same time build your profile.

One of my colleagues once told me: " networking is about building relationships, not contacts. When you meet a new contact find out what they are interested in, what their opinions are on current sports law issues and their background.

A Career in Sports: Advice from Sports Business Leaders

Don't try to meet everyone at an event you attend, as you will end up having a lot of meaningless conversations and few, if any, lasting relationships. Also, make the effort to stay in contact with the people you meet.

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With social networks increasing the number of " contacts " that any one person can have, there has been an emphasis placed on volume rather than quality of relationships. In my experience speaking to world leaders in law, business and sport, one thing they all have in common is how they cultivate and prioritise meaningful relationships. I suggest aspiring sports lawyers who place emphasis on this will be rewarded as it may be something that will make you stand out in a crowd. A good benefit of this is you also get time to spend with people you enjoy working and socialising with, which I think most people would agree has to be a good thing.

Also, if you are trying to build relationships it is worthwhile telling people if you appreciate their work. You may be surprised how many people never receive feedback on articles they have written, videos they have created, lectures and talks they have given.

Some sports lawyers that I know that have been successful at building a sports law career from scratch did something that some people can find very difficult: they asked for advice. It is beneficial to find out what others have done well at, and what they would change if they could do it all again. This background information will prove useful when you are looking for an internship, training contract or job opportunity. When you do ask for assistance, be mindful that the person you have approached probably receives a lot of these types of requests, so make sure your request is made at the right time and in the appropriate manner and is not generic.

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One thing that stands out is those that are clear on what they want and went to ask for it tend to be more successful. In order to do this effectively you will need to do some self-reflection to understand what you are trying to achieve in life to help you identify whether or not now is the right time to ask for assistance. For example of what not to do, when I started out I was so happy when any established sports lawyers or business leaders would meet with me I often forgot to think about what I would hope to achieve from meeting them.

When they would then proceed to ask me " how can I help you " I would have no response, which was far from ideal. I now suggest to aspiring sports lawyers to be prepared for this type of question as when people are time poor, they want to be effective with their time and so they want to know whether or not they are in a position to help. First impressions count and this applies equally to the first time you meet someone in person, on the phone or over email. Therefore, do not send generic emails or be informal in your first email to a new contact.

Put simply, it looks lazy. If you send a generic email you are at risk of losing the confidence and respect of the recipient.

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Worse still, you risk causing offense that can leave you with a lot of work to do to restore confidence and gain their respect. Whilst these apps can be a blessing they can a curse. The ability for people to connect more readily is literally a miracle, however the impulse nature of communication platforms has both increased the opportunity to reach people but also created an expectation that people just connect without much reason or explanation. Therefore, even more than before I would encourage those wishing to progress in sports law, or any sector for that matter, to start off more formally particularly when contacting someone new and take the time to explain why you would like to connect with them.

It will increase your response rate as well as leading to more interesting and valuable discussions. The most obvious way to gain experience is to secure an internship or work experience through vacation schemes directly through firms and sports organisations; the availability of such scheme varies greatly by country and type of organisation. However, there are alternatives such as doing pro-bono work for athletes, clubs, governing bodies or representative associations. Volunteering with your local or regional sports law association to help them organise events, contributing to their publications, for example, can also provide great experience and give you greater understanding of the sector.

If you do get the opportunity to gain experience, particularly with internships, work experience and voluntary roles, no matter the length or type of experience, do the best possible job that you can. It seems obvious, but I have heard accounts of people complaining about the type of experience, typically about the type of work, they are getting and being in complete ignorance of the fact that the only thing that will increase their chances of getting better experience is doing a great job.

Worst case scenario would be that you don't get the experience you desire, but you will walk away, in the majority of cases, with your reputation enhanced and hopefully a good reference to mark down on your CV and therefore an increased chance of success in your next pursuit.

If you receive no recognition, then put it down to experience and use it as a learning experience and go into any future opportunity with your eyes wide open.

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A great example of how to make the most of an opportunity can be found in Maacah Scott, Staff Counsel at Arizona Diamondbacks who took full advantage of her internship and essentially created a job opening for herself by constantly trying to add value to the legal team and her company. There is also an huge growth in sports law and sports business related diplomas and courses available to students and professionals see some of them here both in person and online. As part of these courses many offer some work experience or internships as well as providing access to Alumni networks, all of which can be very useful.

Laan van de Mensenrechten VZ, Apeldoorn,. Email Us. Course Details Course Name. Course Type. Course Sector. Course Duration. Entry Points Per Year. Next Starting Date s.

A Career in Sports: Advice from Sports Business Leaders

Degree or Qualification. Tuition Fee. Introduction If you are looking to advance your management career in the sorts related industry, then the MBA in Sports Business Management will enable you to advance into management roles from an existing position, or prepare you to enter a new role at a management level. Further develop your current skills and experience to a management level; Extend your interest in financial decision making; Develop a strategic perspective on business;. Course structure The Wittenborg MBA is delivered in a block format, with 2 modules being covered every 6 weeks.

Areas of study Management subjects address key issues of strategy, marketing, operations, human resources, accounting and financial planning, studied in parallel with deeper health care management and leadership modules. The MBA will further the careers of Dutch or other EU graduates who are working in an organisation, managing people or processes, and are looking to improve their career opportunities within their current employment position.

These students are looking for an English-taught, internationally orientated MBA programme that can allow them to improve their career prospects in the job market either at home or in the Netherlands, either at their current employer or at a new organisation, and possibly continue their studies at a higher level.

Request Information Click the link above to go to the Information Request Form to get more information about programmes and admission at Wittenborg University. And, get started now. While in school, future professionals should consider every opportunity that cultivates — not only experience — but their point of view. Position papers. Leadership roles. While tackling these, write down your accomplishments, track what you learn and the skills you develop.

Jim Kahler currently Exec. My investment in ASU was to open doors in sports, and I treated it that way. Take advantage of every opportunity to get to know someone who has your dream job or can help you on the road to landing your ideal job. Spend as much time as possible consuming information, gaining experience and knowledge from others.

I believe students should do as much as they can to broaden their experience, such as volunteering for teams, attaining internships and working part-time jobs. Students with a resume showcasing broad experience will have an edge in landing their first position in sports business. Once hired, I tell students not to be afraid to make a lateral move. Their first job is their foot in the door and an opportunity to gain experience to prepare for future positions.

Be visible, indispensable and a team player. The demand to work in this coveted field far exceeds supply of available positions. Before you get too discouraged, the good news is sports continues to grow in terms of size, scope and complexity so a thoughtful approach can improve your chances of working in this field.

Entry level positions are limited with thousands of applicants competing for those jobs. Spend your time looking for a position at the best company with a strong training program so you can gain valuable experience. After a few years, you have experience to add value and better differentiate yourself.

Network — sports is heavily relationship based.

MBA in Sports Business Management

Get to know as many people as possible and build a network of advocates who can help when positions become available. Use your personal network of family, friends and college alums to get you the right introductions. Ask to meet people for minutes on an informational basis. Follow up with a thank you note and stay in touch on a periodic basis.